Newest Rules of FCA Regarding Forex Brokers

Most of you may already know that FCA announces newest rules regarding forex brokers periodically. As a regulatory body, the Financial Conduct Authority keeps reviewing the forex market and to protect the interest of general public it continuously plans and develop strategies to make forex brokers and other financial institutions well regularized. The FCA has the sole responsibility to work in line with all entities entrusted with the public money and to issue the license to operate within the UK. There broke a news that FCA is going to announce some changes concerning the rules and regulations of forex brokers in 2018, however, for some reason, it got delayed and the newest rules of FCA regarding forex brokers 2018 are yet to be announced.

About Financial Conduct Authority – FCA

The Financial Conduct Authority is a well reputed regulatory authority that oversees forex brokers and similar entities in the UK. Working in collaboration with the PRA (Prudential Regulatory Authority) and BOE (Bank of England) it ensures to maintain a healthy trading environment and safeguard the trader’s interest. The prevention of financial irregularities and malpractices is considered to be the core tenet of the regulatory body. Fraud, promotional campaigns instigating people to get into forex trading, malfeasance and other similar practices gets frowned upon by Financial Conduct Authority – FCA. (more…)